Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Latest novel, 'GLASNOST' now available on Amazon.

As usual, I am working on a mega book launch, with dancing girls, fireworks and a marching band,  However, while I look into how I find all those in rural Somerset on a cold December morning, the latest novel will go quietly on sale on Amazon.  Its available as a Kindle or paperback and may I thank everyone who pre-ordered it.  There is already a nice jump in my sales numbers.
I won't do a spoiler on the plot, particularly the first part but the basis of the story is the Russian revolution of 1991 or should I say non-revolution.  It was also the real end to the Cold War and is an absolutely fascinating piece of history.  What's really amazing is that, even after all this time, when just about everyone who was involved has been interviewed or written their memoirs, there is still serious doubt over what really happened and why.  Of course no one knew then what the long term effects were going to be. However, it allows for more turmoil and military incidents for my central character to get embroiled in...........................................

Oh no - found some:

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