Friday, 7 November 2014

One more chapter

Finally about to finish 'Glasnost'.  One more chapter to go and then its off to the Ministry of Defence to clear it.  I have to do this with all the naval books or I could end up in the poo.  They 'redacted' a big chunk of 'Arapaho' - something to do with me being too honest about tactics which are still current.  Even so it should be out soon, certainly before Christmas.   I've tried with all these books to illuminate a bit of history that maybe never got the attention it deserved and boy I this another of those.  I occasionally get accused of far fetched plots even though they all have a basis in fact.  Well this one is a cracker.  I'll say no more.

My old ship, HMS Andromeda, who in the guise of HMS Prometheus stars in two of my previous books and makes another appearance in 'Glasnost'

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