Monday, 15 September 2014

The dog with extra cheeseory perception

So we spent a really fantastic week on the boat as a last trip of the summer.  For once the weather forecast was good and it actually was!  A quick trip down the Macclesfield and then the Peak Forest canals saw us in Bugsworth basin.  its an amazing place - used in the last century as a dock area for bringing limestone down from the Peak District and it used to handle up to 80 narrow boats a day.  The pub was good too.
Now as to the title of this post.  For some time now I've been amazed at the dog's ability to know when I go to the fridge to get some cheese.  If I go for any other comestible, he stays in his bed but the moment I feel esurient for matured fromage, he is sitting behind me as if by magic.  So while we were away I conducted a highly scientific experiment.  I went to the fridge and got out a bottle of tonic (good excuse for a gin) - no dog.  I went to the fridge for a beer - no dog.  Went to the fridge and touched the cheese wrapper - he was already sitting behind me giving me the 'do I get some' look.  So it just goes to show that animals have extra senses than us poor humans don't have.

Bugsworth - or least part of it there are two more dock areas like this and all as well preserved.

A dog sensing cheese.

 A dog asking for cheese

 Actually we reckon he just knows the sound of the wrapper  crackling when its touched.

Probably won't be boating now until the Spring.  As usual I have the dreaded 'list' of things to work through on the boat including rebuilding the shower.  But more importantly I have a book to finish.................

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