Monday, 2 June 2014

Things go in threes

Utter bliss - single locks with easy paddles and single gates and no water trying to push us everywhere we don't want to go.  Mind you the southern Oxford does have on or two issues of its own.  The first being the endless miles of moored boats which means you have to go by at tickover and then all the lift bridges.  But hey - we're in no rush now.  However, it was my turn to have a  cock up day as a certain wife gleefully pointed out.  Firstly I had complete brain fade when going through a swing bridge and managed to end up in a bush, so we now have matching scratches down both sides of the boat.  Then, as I was going into a lock, I didn't see the platform on the gate for walking across it when its closed, which was the same height as the television aerial.  Luckily I had the glue to fix it.  Finally to make sure these things go in the threes, I misjudged the boat's length and gave the boat ahead a small 'love nudge' as we came in to moor at Thrupp.  My excuse was that there was a boat coming the other way and I thought he wanted to come in too and so was moving up to make room.  At least that's what I said to the owner!  For people wanting to know our movements - we will be between here and Banbury by Friday.

The Thrupp lift bridge wot we have to go through first thing tomorrow.  This one is easy as it is electric most are mandraulic and quite heavy.

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