Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sharp turn left

As the title says, yesterday we turned hard left into the Grand Union.  Its quite amazing the difference in two canals.  The Oxford is an old, narrow winding affair rather like a back road out in the country, the GU is like a motorway with massive double locks and very few bends.  Mind you the locks are big but they fill and empty remarkably quickly. We've managed to meet up with other boats and share the load as well which is quite sociable. We won't be here for long as we do the Hatton flight on Thursday and should be able to turn on to the Stratford canal on Friday.  We were warned that there is a river festival in Stratford soon but we should be well past it by the time it happens, I'm not against festivals but peace and quiet is much nicer.

Don't you just get fed up with all these wind turbines these days-- Napton windmill - (been there a while now.)

The canal equivalent of a motorway junction, the GU meets the Oxford

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