Saturday, 22 February 2014

Another new book - well theres not been much else to do this winter.

I've just finished another epic saga of the Royal Navy. As I mentioned in my previous post it's based in the Gulf just after the end of the Iran Iraq war but also covers some other topics like Search and Rescue flying and a bit of a spy scandal for good measure.  It was great fun to write although my research into the reasons for the Iran Iraq war and the way we behaved in the west leaves almost as sour a taste in my mouth as the way we behaved in Gulf War Two. 
Its seems incredible to me now to realise just what was going on in the world over this period.  Not only was the Gulf a mess but a certain Mr Gorbachev held to his word and didn't interfere with any of the Soviet countries that broke away, like Poland and then East Germany.  In fact Gorbachev seemed hell bent of becoming the first President of an Empire that he was dismantling at the same time.  Very strange. Then a year after this time the book is set in, the first Gulf War starts and there is another reason for thinking that Western foreign policy was barking mad.  But maybe I'll keep my powder dry on these issues for the next epic...........

HMS Andromeda pretending to be HMS Prometheus.

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