Monday, 28 October 2013

Another Heroine of the new book

So, stuck here while the 'major storm' rages outside (barely noticed it and we are 600 feet up on the side of Dartmoor) I will blog a bit more about the new book.  One of the major players is the 'Educational Cruise Ship' Uganda.  She was used for many years to take parties of school kids to the Mediterranean in the Summer months.  However, during the Falklands war she was hurriedly converted to a hospital ship and used to good effect.  However, if you take a look of my entry of the 5 June last year, you will also see she took a few years off my life when she inadvertently transmitted on her navigation radar which had very similar characteristics to the search radar of an Argentinian Etendard aircraft and gave us all a bit of a fright in the process.  In the last part of the book she plays a major role.  I won't say any more but the storyline is based on real events.

Uganda in her heyday as an Educational Cruise Ship

As the hospital ship 'Nurse Uganda'  note the flight deck hastily fitted at the stern.  Apparently they could never get the doors to the rear deck to shut properly after it was removed - Sea Kings weigh 9 tons!!

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