Monday, 30 September 2013

Back on the cut

It is quite a culture shock to leave behind the flashy world of the Boat Show and slow right down again to the pace of the canals.  However we've managed to do it and even did a quick Sunday Lunch assessment in the Royal Oak in Bath on Sunday.  An average seven I'm afraid, beef that was cooked hours before and had gone grey, potatoes like bullets and soggy Yorkshire pud.  Mind you the treacle sponge almost made up for the shortcomings.  So we are slowly heading off to Devizes for the end of the week to put the good ship Amelie May into her winter berth.  At the same time I am starting 'the list'.  Any boat owners who read this blog will know what I mean.  Its the list of things to do to the boat that never ever gets finished.  As soon as one thing is crossed off, two more appear as if by magic.  Actually although there are some cosmetic things to do like some repainting and maybe a new carpet she is in fine condition.  I was thinking of taking the generator out and giving it a thorough refurbishment.  However, I've decided that it isn't broken and I really shouldn't mend it until it is!  Anyway when I get home I've really got to concentrate on the new book.  Things are at last starting to happen and as I write this, my sales for the month are two away from 150 which is a record.  Every month for the last five has seen an increase and it also means my Amazon reviews and rankings are drastically improving.  Who knows in twenty years I could actually make some money from them!  In a month or two I will have the first working draft and any reader who wants a free early copy please get in contact via the blog or my email and I will send you one - feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The River Avon valley, the trees are just starting to turn - time to head home and hibernate for the winter.

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