Thursday, 8 August 2013

Time to turn right

We are now parked outside Tescos in Reading after a couple of really lovely days on the Thames.  last night we were moored by Beale park and it was the most beautiful and peaceful spot  We should have stayed another day but we both seemed to be in a time warp and it was only when we arrived today that we realised that today is the 8th not the 9th - doh!  Still we've stocked up on the essentials and should have enough to keep us going in the wilds of Wiltshire to come.  K&A tomorrow.  People we have spoken to either love it or hate it - we'll just have to make up our own mind.

The Thames is a bit wider than the canals! and was looking stunning this morning with the mist just rising off in the early morning sun.

This cheeky bugger poked his head right into the kitchen and made Fi jump - so -

I fed him!


  1. A silly thought perhaps but is it possible to anchor in the Thames? I realize that shore access would be a problem for most of us but surely anybody with the initials JC could pop into the nearest hostelry at any time whilst carrying the memsahib.

  2. Don't really need to although you do see peeps with an anchor one end and tied to a tree at the other. And we've got a long gangplank!!