Saturday, 13 July 2013

Posh weekend

So, with all this sun roasting us in our steel box we decided to try and find somewhere shady and quiet.  We succeeded with the shady bit as we are now nicely parked up under some trees that keep the sun off the boat - in Windsor.  Unfortunately our berth is on the edge of the river where the trip boats ply up and down all day and they don't seem to care how much wash they make.  Its not that bad as they all pack up at tea time.  The town is a nightmare, nothing but designer shops and tourists but we found a Waitrose and have stocked up again with essentials - Peroni, white wine etc etc.  Another Sunday lunch excursion tomorrow - I've already found a venue and then off on Monday up through Maidenhead, Henley etc to Oxford.

I put this on Facebook as well.  Just below one of the locks we saw this strange thing in the water, it was only on closer inspection that we found it was a floating hot tub complete with four girls in bikinis.  Surreal or what???

Windsor castle in the background.  The queue for it was massive and the forecast is for over 30 degrees this afternoon - we're not going.

Another unusual sight.  This full size replica Hurricane is mounted on a plinth just behind where we are moored.  It is dedicated to its designer Sir Sidney Camm, who was a Windsor resident.  Far more importantly it was the aircraft that won the Battle of Britain - not the Spitfire which it outnumbered three to one and also accounted for the greatest total of enemy aircraft shot down by far.  I might be biased as my father flew them with 213 Squadron during the Battle, shot down four Germans and was a great fan.

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