Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Something very strange has happened

Yes, just look at the photo below and tell me what is totally wrong with it:

Yup - not one cloud in sight - something that hasn't happened in this country for years.  What a beautiful day as we headed further south and finished the day in the little village of Great Haywood.  I even had slightly sun burnt arms, last time that happened I was in St Lucia.  We are right next door to the Sugborough Estate which is a beautiful old country house straight out of Jane Austen Land (for you Red Dwarf fans) so we decided on a quiet day to look around.

Fi trying desperately hard not to show her disappointment when after an hour or so there was no sign of Colin Firth climbing out of a lake.

I also did some boat work and fixed a problem with the generator as well as some varnishing - its all work on the canals.

But I did take some time off to feed this large, hungry, white, duck.

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