Friday, 31 May 2013

Its scary underground

What a difference a day makes.  Last night we moored up in a little village somewhere and it peed down as we did so and we even lit the fire. 
This morning the sun was out and after a very early start - about 1000, we pootled in glorious spring sunshine, down the last bit of the Macclesfield canal to enter the Trent and Mersey for the dreaded 'HARECASTLE TUNNEL' da da dahhhh.  Luck was with us as they hold boats to go through in batches and we were able to join in at  the end of the train so didn't even have to wait.  Its two miles long, very low in places and very, very dark.  Tigger hated it but I was manly and brave, Fi comforted the dog.  We then meandered into Stoke on Trent which is actually alright from the canal, only to find that there is a narrow boat festival on here at a junction with the Caldon canal.  Having travelled at least fifteen mile this week we've decided to stay for the festival.  We will be looking for a watering can painted with flowers and probably some beer.

An amazing feet of engineering - built by Telford - two miles long and all done by hand.

 Moi, scared??!!

Literally the light at the end of the tunnel after half an hour in the dark.

Tigger's new cruising position, except in tunnels of course
 Oh and for my Australian friend on his sieve, oops, catamaran - we don't have a spinnaker and Fi's back is fine now!!

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