Tuesday, 4 December 2012


No, not now but some time in the past. (although the current forecast is looking dodgy).  I have been looking through my old photos and came across some of my time in Norway with 846 Commando helicopter squadron.  It was this period in my career that led to the basic idea for my book 'The Caspian Monster' so I thought I'd share them to give some more colour to the book.  In those days Arctic training was conducted in Bardufoss way up north and very much as described in the book - including the piano hiding competition with the Norwegian helicopter boys.  They liked their booze and their women liked our men - I will say no more.  However, once trained, the squadron was tasked to support Royal Marine operations in the southern part of the country. So each winter we deployed to a small village called Tretten just up the road from Lillihammer for three months.  Five Sea Kings operating out of a small football field and accommodation in a 'Camping Hotel'.  We were totally independent and had our own duty free bar.  When not flying we conducted ourselves to out total satisfaction......  That said it was bloody hard work, one winter the temperature never went above minus 18 but we still had to keep operating.
It was snowy
And rather chilly

But life had to go on (changing an engine at minus 20)

Sometimes we had to play at being Marines
But sometimes we just got to play

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