Wednesday, 6 June 2012

6 June 1982, more numb bums

Log Book entry:  ESM AEW 2.00 night .30 minutes day
                           ESM AEW and Vertrep 1.15 day 1.30 night

So a total of 5 hours 15 mins and 3 hours of that were on instruments.  I must have been tired that night!  It may not sound a lot but under wartime conditions it took a lot of concentration.  Combining and HDS service with  our AEW role was getting quite common, we would deliver stuff around the fleet on the way to our patrol station.  It just proves you can never have enough helicopters.

Ashore the soldiers were moving well up with 2 Para in Bluff cove and Fitzroy and the Welsh Guards embarking in Fearless to go round to Fitzroy.  Peace overtures in the UN come to nothing.  Spain criticises military action - the only NATO country to do so.  The Versailles summit which started on 3 June supports the British position on the conflict.

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