Thursday, 14 June 2012

14 June 1982, They think its all over.

Log Book entry:  HDS and winching.  1.15 hours

Another routine HDS trip I seem torecall.  However I still distinctly remember being just outside my cabin when the Captains's voice came over the ship's main broadcast saying that we had just received a signal saying that the white flags of surrender were flying over Port Stanley.   Were we relieved? - yes. Did we think it was all over? - No.  Hindsight tells us that this was the end but at the time all we knew was that the Stanley garrison had given up.  As far as we knew the Argentinian Air Force was still there and maybe they might be even more motivated to attack us now.  It was good progress but we didn't really know what it meant.
However at 2100 that evening General Menendez surrenders to Major General Moore and the next day all the outlying settlements do the same.

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