Monday, 11 June 2012

11 June, respite

No flying.

Not sure exactly why but it was probably because the flight were changing the tail rotor gearbox. Although not a particularly long job we would have to had to tell Hermes our intentions and they would have left us off that days tasking.
So while we were lazing about the poor old grunts ashore were gearing up for the battle for Port Stanley.  Mount Longdon, Two Sisters and Mount Harriet were the scenes of some pretty bloody fighting.  In Stanley there is a tragic accident when a shell from one of the warships is misfired and hits a civilian house killing three islanders.
My Brother-in-Law at the time was a Marine and actually at Goose Green amongst other things and told me later that by this time we were known as the 'Cape Town Air Defence Squadron'.  We were so far out to the east they never saw us.  Of course there was good reason for this as we daren't risk losing a carrier but I could see his point of view.

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