Friday, 4 May 2012

4 May 1982, Jammin'

Bob and I had been down to the ship to meet the some of the new officers and Captain who where joining us as we took up our additional role as the lead ship of the 8th Frigate Squadron and had also managed a few days leave.  On return to Yeovilton we had been given a surprising brief.  On the next day we were to fly ARFA down to the Naval Air Station at Lee-on-Solent and have an emergency piece of kit fitted.  As I mentioned previously, the Exocet seeker head was very clever but some bright spark had come up with an idea to turn that cleverness around.  One way to defeat a radar is to jam the signal.  However with Exocet if you tried that it simply said 'thank you very much, you must be my target' and homed in on the jamming source.  And here's the clever bit, if the jamming source was six hundred feet up in the sky the missile could do nothing about it as it flew at a pre set height and couldn't climb. So we should be able to pull it off any surface targets and get it to come for us - we would be safe (wouldn't we!) Great in theory but would it work?  We would start to find out tomorrow.

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