Thursday, 24 May 2012

24 May 1982 No flying

I've no idea why we didn't fly on this day. It is quite likely that the weather was stopping us.  Meanwhile in San Carlos it's another busy day.  Antelope explodes when a Royal Engineer tries to defuse the bomb.  After the war I read a fascinating book by a Naval petty officer who was one of the RN bomb disposal people.  Their approach was to remove the bombs intact and just dump them over the side.  There is speculation that the Army disposal officer may have attempted to remove the fuse. We'll never know of course but thank god this was the only one of many that did go off.
The Argies lose ten more aircraft.
The BBC calmly announce that the reason the bombs aren't detonating is because they are being dropped too low and the fuse hasn't got time to arm.  This was the first of several times that the BBC should have been prosecuted for treason.  The only reason the Argies failed to react is because they though it was deliberate mis-information.  They didn't think the BBC could be so dangerously and wilfully f***ing stupid.

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