Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 1982, A 'quiet' day

Log Book entry:  Vectacs and HDS to Avenger 1.00 hour (night)

More practice and a quick trip to the Type 21 frigate HMS Avenger.  The Type 21s had a very low flight deck right at the back of the ship and were 'different' to land on.  However it was on trips like these that we realised just how much Andromeda rolled with her heavy radars.

Things were 'quiet' in San Carlos with no ships hit or aircraft shot down. I'm not sure why.  Of course we were not getting real time information all the time.  The BBC World Service became one of our main information sources just like the rest of the world.  However one thing was starting to worry me, after the loss of Sheffield the MOD were not saying the names of ships that were damaged, merely stating that 'a ship, or number of ships' had been hit.  It was sort of understandable but now, instead or 200 wives being worried, there were thousands.  Fiona had no idea where we were or what we were doing,  this was not the age of emails and interwebs and I was more worried that she might be worried - if that makes sense!  In fact I hadn't had one letter since we sailed, mind you that would change.

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