Monday, 23 April 2012

23 April 1982

Logbook entry:  AM to VL .50 minutes.

Disembarked from Andromeda (AM) to Yeovilton (VL) a fifty minute transit from Devonport where the ship lived.  We had been away from UK since the 31 December so I hadn't seen the family for almost four months and we knew that one way or another we would be off again soon.  We wouldn't fly again until the 5 May but although we would get some leave we were also going to busy with sorting the aircraft out and fitting some new modifications.  More detail later.  This was  an odd time, we knew that we were going south but still thought it was all a bit of a joke.  The wake up call would come in a few days......

RNAS Yeovilton or HMS Heron depending on your viewpoint.  My house was about five miles due west of the main runway and directly between here and the ship in Plymouth.  Fiona and our neighbours always knew when we were disembarking for some reason (the Lynx is very noisy when belting over the house at low level).
When we came back from the Falklands it had all changed as our squadron (815) had moved down to Portland.

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