Monday, 12 December 2011

Arrived - seems like we were never away

So after twenty days and two hours we arrived in St Lucia. The trip was fairly uneventful although we had to motor the last three days as the wind died. Not sure about long offshore voyages, think a 747 is more civilised!! Thats what Fiona did and she seemed to have a good time waiting for us in her hotel. It was really good to see her on the jetty waiting for us with a bottle of rum in hand (and coffe as some idiot - me- bought decaf by mistake!). Bloody hot here, much more so than previous years so personally I can't wait to get out of the marina. Unfortunately there are still a few ARC parties to attend so we will be here a few days more. Then off to Antigua at the weekend for Christmas. At least I stopped the fishing jibes from certain parties (the skipper for one) we caught 11 fish, 9 Mahi Mahi and 2 Tuna and there is still some in the freezer as we speak.
We had some fantastic sunsets on the way and I will put some photos on in a day or two or you can look at Salilas blog at
Time to go next party to attend.

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