Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Final preps

Just getting ready for the return to the Canaries. Laid up the motorbike, bought loads of drugs (the legal kind) and sorted out some games to keep us sane on the Atlantic crossing. Probably won't need them as I will be busy catching so many fish........
I just need to teach Fi how to access wifi away from home and set her up a facebook page - should only take few days!!
The week in the Canaries should be busy. We will probably have to to the next island with my diving kit to retrieve Salila's anchor which is apparently stuck under a rock there. Then we need to sort out food - quite important and then there are apparently a few parties. Work work work.

Anyone there with Nooks or Sony e-readers by the way my books can also be downloaded in those formats from Barnes and Noble and the Sony site.

1 comment:

  1. Pink plastic bags work best, I'm told. Are you really going to sail ALL the way to Fartyventura?