Monday, 3 October 2011

The Plot Thickens

Well I've posted on a load of historical discussion forums, posing the question about the Guillotine and so far no one seems to know the answer.  One book has been suggested but it was  written in 1894 and is in French so Ill put that in reserve.  The new book shaping up rather well even so and I can always revert to he Novelists secret weapon and make it all up.
Need to start getting things together to go back to the Canaries to rejoin Salila for the ARC.  Fi is now booked to fly out on the 4 Dec and wait for us in a 4* slum.  All bookings through Dialaflight including a really good hotel rate.  Hopefully we will get in about 10-13 Dec and then off to Antigua for Christmas.  Life is hell.

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